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Storm washes up whales along coast of Maine (USA)

Onlookers at Pine Point beach Sunday examine the carcass of a dead minke whale that washed ashore.

Jun 4, 2012 (Amanda Hill). OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — The storm has brought more than just floodwaters… The high winds mixed with an astronomical high tide have washed up unwanted parts of the ocean.

Public Works crews in Old Orchard Beach had to remove a dead whale from their shore Monday morning, after the tide washed it up from Scarborough.

They buried it in the town’s landfill to avoid any chance of it being sucked out only to be pushed back in.

About a month ago, a whale washed up in Cape Elizabeth, but was again washed out to sea; that same whale however, was pushed up on the shore of Cape Neddick this weekend. Both were minke whales. Lynda Doughty, with Marine Mammals of Maine, says both whales were too badly decomposed for a necropsy.

She says she’s not surprised, though, that with the wind and tide, anything floating out in the ocean would wash in.

In the meantime, she says if you find an animal washed up on the shore you should call Marine Mammals of ME on their toll free line, (800) 532-9551.

Ndlr Sibylline : The city of Old Orchard Beach is coupled with the recently bloodthirsty Mimizan-plage city (no tradition of bullfight before 2009), in Landes (France).




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