Posted by: The ocean update | November 3, 2012

Crews investigate mass whale, dolphin strandings (Tasmania, Australia)

The scene on New Year Island during the attempt to rescue some of the beached pilot whales and dolphins yesterday.

Saturday 3rd November 2012. Parks and Wildlife officers are investigating why dozens of pilot whales and dolphins beached on two islands off Tasmania’s coast.

Yesterday, 60 pilot whales and 20 bottlenose dolphins beached on New Years Island.

Parks and Wildlife officers rescued all six of the dolphins who were still alive.

Most of the whales died, however two were successfully helped out to sea.

The incident followed the stranding of 13 bottlenose dolphins in Quarantine Bay on nearby King Island on Friday.

Parks and Wildlife officers say five were already dead, and they managed to rescue eight of them by pushing them back out to sea.

Officers are heading back to the sites this morning to make sure the mammals have not re-beached overnight.

They will also test the carcasses in a bid to find out what caused the strandings.




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