Posted by: The ocean update | September 24, 2014

Green Alien-Like Algae Eggs Wash Up on Sydney’s Beaches (Australia)

boule-verte-AustralieSeptember 24th, 2014 (Kristin Lofgren). The aliens have landed! If you were hanging out on Sydney’s Dee Why beach last weekend, you would have been a witness to the flood of rare, bizarre green balls that washed up on shore. Locals woke up to find hundreds of spongy alien-like egg-shaped spheres all along the beach, like something out of a crazy sci-fi movie.

The little egg-shaped balls are actually living green algae that roll up on shore when the waves and sunny spring weather reach just the right conditions in Australia. Scientists aren’t sure why they occur, but the shape could be formed as the algae rolls up to protect itself from predators.

What makes these balls so unusual is that, unlike the tumbleweed-like balls of dead material that roll across the sea floor, these balls are actually a rare type of living algae. Surf Life Saving Club member Rae-Maree Hutton told the Manly Daily newspaper that she stuck her toe into the algae balls and they were squishy, “like a sponge.”




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