Posted by: The ocean update | February 14, 2015

Emergency for pilot whales in New Zealand : volunteers needed NOW !

Mass stranding NZFebruary 14th, 2015. A mass stranding is occurring now in New Zealand, in Farewell Spit (Golden Bay)

Nearly 200 animals struggle for their life now. Beside them, 2 teams of experts : Project Jonah and Whales-rescue

The only way to successfully rescue these whales is to have people with them during night to up right and rock them and prevent them from drowning as tide returns.

All people in good health are needed to help. Please, LISTEN to people with experience from the 2 rescue teams. If you are not ready to follow their thoughtful advice, please, stay at home. Don”t put their lives and your at risk because it’s difficult for you to accept orders.

If you don”t feel confortable being near animals (it’s an hard task, exhausting, due to the time spent into the water, sometimes (often) in bad weather conditions, etc…), you can bring material like lights, shade generators, towels, buckets, manpower, shovels…

And you can bring food to comfort the volunteers too ;-). Always appreciated

Thank you for the dolphins and for the 2 teams spending their time to make their best. Be part of the rescue community… 😉


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