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NOAA plans to remove Most of world’s Humpback Whales from Endangered Species List (USA)

humpback-whales-endangered-list-2April 21st, 2015 (Molly Solana). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced on Monday that under the agency’s new plan, most of the humpback whales across the world would soon be removed from the list of endangered species.

With the new plan, the agency has cited improved conservation efforts and increase in population of humpback whales that was noted in a study in 2010. According to NOAA, it has proposed splitting the population of humpback whale in about 14 different sections. The federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere also stated that 12 of those population sections would be removed from the endangered list.

As per the agency, about two of the 12 population sections would be removed from both the endangered and threatened species lists. Those two population sections travel near California, the agency further stated.

The endangered list, which is managed by NOAA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, will also contain species that are in danger of extinction. The species that could be endangered in future will be place in threatened list.

Assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries Eileen Sobech said, “As we learn more about the species – and realize the populations are largely independent of each other – managing them separately allows us to focus protection on the animals that need it the most”.


Ed Sibylline : What’s behind this euphoria ? A matter of money, as usual. To downgrade whales assures them a lesser protection, allowing oil’s companies, among others, to expand into new locations. The last year, the humpback whales of the North Pacific saw their status degrading of “threatened” in “species of special concern”, opening door for Northern Gateway, a pipeline project.

While the species’ situation has improved tremendously over the last five decades, current numbers are still considerably smaller than the number that must have been present off the ocean before 1905 (another argument)

The humpback whale continues to face a variety of threats, including entanglement in fishing gear, displacement from noise pollution, collisions with vessels, etc…

The Canadian public consultation received only 22 responses. You have 90 days to do better for the whales ! …

Website for the public consultation : link

Upload the information (not totally objective)  : link

Send your opinion, before 20th July, 2015, to Marta Nammach :

More info : Should Humpback Whales Be Removed from the Endangered Species List ? (link)



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