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Geophysical Survey in Eastern Solent 13 – 31 May 2015 (UK)

May 11th, 2015. LNTM No 40/15.

  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN jointly by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth and the Harbour Master, ABP Southampton, that from 13 May 2015 for approximately two weeks a Geophysical Survey will be undertaken of cable routes from Southsea to the Isle of Wight. This work is part of the ongoing cable operations in this area.

    2. The survey areas are bounded by the following positions:

    Solent : area from Southsea Castle to Lumps Fort, across to No Man’s Land and Horse Sands Forts and across to the Seaview area of the Isle of Wight. The area covers the deep water area between Horse Sand and No Man’s Land Forts.

    50° 44.36’ N 001° 05.97’ W
    50° 43.79’ N 001° 05.07’ W
    50° 44.56’ N 001° 03.79’ W
    50° 45.14’ N 001° 04.69 W

    3. The work will be carried out by the survey vessel “EGS Pioneer” (Call sign “2EGS9”), a 24 m long vessel. This vessel will operate day and night. Appropriate COLREGS will be displayed whist the vessel is conducting survey operations. The vessel will be operating four towed magnetometers, up to 250 metres astern.

    4. All mariners are requested to keep a good lookout and pass well clear of survey operations. Survey operations in the main shipping channels will be de-conflicted with large vessel movements. QHM Harbour Control and VTS Southampton will be kept informed and can be contacted on Channel 11 or 12 as appropriate.

    5. Cancel this LNTM on 15 June 2015.




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