Posted by: The ocean update | May 19, 2015

2 Dead Whales to Be Buried South of San Francisco (California, USA)

Enterramiento-ballenasMay 19th, 2015. Two dead whales that washed up weeks apart on a beach south of San Francisco are expected to be buried after neighbors complained of their rotting smell.

On May 6, a 42-foot female humpback with four fractured vertebrae and a broken rib washed up on the same Pacifica beach where a 50-foot sperm whale was found about three weeks earlier.

The cause of death in both cases remains uncertain.

Tuesday that Pacifica Interim Chief of Police Dan Steidle says the area where the whales washed up belongs to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.

Officials originally were going to allow the whales to decompose. But given the stench, Steidle says the whales will be buried Tuesday.

The burial site was not released.




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