Posted by: The ocean update | May 21, 2015

Video Shows Dolphins Swimming In Oil Spill Area Near Santa Barbara (USA)

May 21st, 2015. GOLETA — Video shows dolphins seemingly swimming in circles to avoid the oil slick surrounding them after a pipeline in the Santa Barbara area spilled thousands of gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean.

The dolphins were spotted swimming near the slick Thursday.

So far, 7,700 gallons of oily water has been mopped up from the ocean, accounting for about a third of what was spilled altogether.

The company at fault for the spill, Plains All American Pipeline has faced millions of dollars in pipeline upgrades after ten leaks around the country since 2010.

On the beach, cleanup crews are finding wildlife, both dead and alive.

“There will be long term impacts, there’s no question about that.  But, I can’t address exactly what those might be,” Mark Crossland of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

More info : Pipeline Owner in Santa Barbara Oil Spill Has Had 175 Spill Incidents Since 2006 (link)




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