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Dead Whale Discovered in Bay Area’s Portuguese Beach (California, USA)

Portuguese-beach-California-WhaleMay 25th, 2015 (Mark Kesler). Yet another dead whale has been discovered washed up on Northern California’s Portuguese beach in Sonoma County, adding to a growing number of dead whales spotted since the start of the year.

The whale measured only 28 feet long, meaning that it was a young whale, though reports have not listed a cause of death.  According to the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary’s Mary Jane Schramm, there has been a “spate of whale mortalities” this year, with whales getting beached in various areas.  “The fact that we’re seeing so many in such a small geographic area is setting off some alarms,” she added.

Most reports claim that there have been seven dead whales discovered this year, though KTVUclaims that there have been at least eight over the past two months, all in the Northern California area.  These whales are of different species with different causes of death, but scientists are perplexed, yet fascinated regarding the high number of dead whales getting washed up.

The sighting came shortly after a gray whale was spotted washed up at Half Moon Bay on Tuesday.  The whale was also relatively young, measuring close to 30 feet long.  And on May 4, another whale had washed up in Pacifica, near the discovery site of a dead 48-foot sperm whale, which washed up on April 14.  A killer whale was sighted on April 21 north of Fort Bragg, and on April 24, two gray whales – one adult and one juvenile – were found dead and washed up in Santa Cruz County.  These sightings were documented in a separate CBS report that put the count at six dead whales in the last five weeks.




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