Posted by: The ocean update | June 1, 2015

Crew fined $20k after being caught with concealed crabs (Australia)

A female mud crab that was part of the concealed haul. Image: Fisheries QLD

A female mud crab that was part of the concealed haul. Image : Fisheries QLD

June 1st, 2015. THREE crabbers in Queensland have been fined a total of $20,650 and had their fishing boat, motor, trailer and crab pots seized after they were caught with a stash of undersized and female crabs. The three were caught in possession of 58 illegal crabs, stored in a hidden compartment in the floor of their vessel, during an interception by a Queensland Boating and Fisheries patrol near Victoria Point, Redlands, last September.

Fisheries officer, Mr James Hohenhaus, said the crabbers had been under extensive surveillance before officers stepped in.

“We watched the fishers for a number of hours from different locations and could see all of the fishers pulling up and checking crab pots,” Mr Hohenhaus said.

“On inspection, however, we only found five mud crabs and one legal bream, and a number of crab pots, and were concerned that the floor of the vessel had been modified.

“The fishers were given a written notice to deliver the vessel to the Redlands QBFP station for further inspection.

“During the inspection, officers used telescopic cameras and found a hidden compartment under the floor of the vessel.

“We proceeded to complete a full inspection of the boat and found 37 bags in the secret compartment containing 69 live mud crabs – 24 undersized male mud crabs, 34 female mud crabs and 11 legal male mud crabs.

“We seized the entire catch and returned all crabs alive to the water.”




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