Posted by: The ocean update | June 10, 2015

Team battles to save beached whale on Orkney beach (Scotland, USA)

UK-whaleorkneyJune 10th, 2015. Volunteers and marine experts have been battling to save a pilot whale which has beached itself in Orkney.

The young female was discovered on a beach in Deerness on the east of the Orkney Mainland.

Local marine mammal experts have been working alongside the SSPCA and tourists in a bid to help keep the animal alive.

They managed to refloat her at high tide, but she has not returned to the open sea.

Last week 21 long-finned pilot whales stranded on the shore at Staffin on Skye.

While the majority were successfully floated back out to sea, several of the whales then stranded on the shores of nearby Staffin Island.

Eight whales died, including a female and her new born calf (Ed Sibylline : 3 have been sacrified).




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