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Whale Found Stranded on Puerto Rican Coast Is Recovering (Puerto Rico)

ballena-piloto-junio-2015-Puerto-RicoJune 16th, 2015. SAN JUAN – A short-finned pilot whale found beached in Puerto Rico is recovering at a zoo, two marine biologists with the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources’ Mammal Rescue Program said.With help from authorities “and, above all, the valuable assistance from residents in the area, we were able to coordinate an effective rescue for this whale,” biologist Nilda Jimenez said.

The whale was spotted last Friday on a beach in the western city of Mayaguez.

The whale was transported in a specially designed vehicle to Dr. Juan Rivero Zoo, which has facilities to accommodate large marine animals, Jimenez said in a statement.

Her colleague, Grisel Rodriguez, said that veterinarian Luis Figueroa “has been evaluating the whale’s health condition and, at this moment, the prognosis is guarded.”

“They have been able to insert a feeding tube and the whale is floating on its own,” she said. “Today the staff will take blood samples to be sent to (the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in) Georgia to determine if the whale has any bacterial disease.”

Pilot whales, which usually travel in groups, are common in the waters around Puerto Rico.

“Only after several parameters have been met, including its health condition and its ability to fend for itself, would it be possible to release the whale to the sea,” Rodriguez said.

Ed Sibylline : feel free to let a comment at the end of this article (link) to avoid that NOAA supplies SeaWorld with a free candidate. In the spanish article, compared to the english one, this reality is strongly suspected.




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