Posted by: The ocean update | June 29, 2015

Second pilot whale slaughter of the year in Hvannasund (Faroe islands)

Boucherie-FeroeJune 29th, 2015. A small school of 25 to 30 pilot whales was driven ashore and killed early this morning, 29 June, in the village of Hvannasund on the northern island of Viðoy.

According to the local district administrator, the drive went according to the regulations and the killing was over in a few minutes. The meat and blubber of the whales will be divided among the participants.This was the second pilot whale catch so far this summer. The first was in the village of Miðvágur on 6 June, when 154 pilot whales were driven ashore and killed for their meat and blubber.

The government of the Faroe Islands states that it is the right of the Faroese people to use its natural resources.

Contact Páll Nolsøe, communication advisor, for more information: +298 551028,

Ed Sibylline : feel free to do it, regarding their “renewable source” (where are the scientific publications on the monitoring of those pilot whales, what’s the genetic pool of those dolphins populations, etc ?…). Be respectful to make involve the situation in a good way for animals, please.




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