Posted by: The ocean update | July 1, 2015

Watch amazing video as kayakers free three trapped dolphins off the coast of Scotland (UK)

Dolphin-Rescue-kayakJuly 1st, 2015 (Keith McLeod). Members of the Clear Water Paddling kayakers club went to the rescue of three juvenile dolphins who had become stuck.

This amazing footage shows how young dolphins say “thanks” for helping them out of a jam.

Members of the Clear Water Paddling kayakers club went to the rescue of three juvenile dolphins who had become stuck in shallow water and extreme seaweed.

One dolphin was completely trapped, but as the footage shows, one of the kayakers used both his paddle and his kayak to free the dolphin, even clearing a path through the tangled seaweed.

And once in the clear, the dolphins put on their own expert show of leaping out of the water in an apparent gesture of dolphin gratitude.

The incident happened at Northbay on the Isle of Barra.

The footage was posted on Tuesday.



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