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Whale calf stranded at South Stradbroke Island (Australia)

Locals attempt to roll the whale back into the ocean. (9NEWS)

Locals attempt to roll the whale back into the ocean. (9NEWS)

July 10th, 2015. Authorities will euthanise a baby whale beached on South Stradbroke Island, despite repeated attempts to get it back out to sea.

The newborn humpback became stranded on the beach today, prompting dozens of locals to run to its aid.

Two whales, including the calf’s mother, could be seen hanging around just off the beach.

Marine experts from Sea World (Ed Sibylline : self-professed authority ?) were called in and made several attempts to return to calf to deeper water.

But a spokesman said they were forced to make the tough decision this evening.

“Given the condition of the calf, a decision has been made in conjunction with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services that the most humane action is to euthanise the calf,” he said.

“Sea World staff are saddened by this outcome and would like to thank the public who attended the rescue efforts for their support.”

A veterinarian inspected the calf and determined it was a “dependent calf which was in a poor condition”.

Ed Sibylline : Long gone are the days when Sea World spent money to rehab a 8 old days newborn calf named JJ the Gray whale !

Update 06/12/2015, via Stranded No More : “Two adult humpback whales were seen in the area as a young humpback whale was brutally killed by Sea World – Gold Coast, Australia and Queensland National Parks”




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