Posted by: The ocean update | July 13, 2015

Decapitated Seals found in Netherlands

beheaded-seals-NetherlandsJuly 13th, 2015 (Kustnieuws). THE NETHERLANDS, Grevelingenmeer – On Sunday, 12th July divers found three decapitated seals on an uninhabited island in the Grevelingenmeer in the provence Zeeland in The Netherlands. The carcasses on the sandbank the Veermansplaat are probably already a few weeks old, says Jaap van der Hiele of the First Aid for Marine Mammals on the local radio and television station Omroep Zeeland.“Maybe people found the three dead animals and cut off their heads to obtain the skull. You’ll see that often with deer.”

If people or organizations find bodies of dead seals they often leave them on a sandbank to “give the body’s back to nature ‘. “I would have never chosen the ‘Veermansplaat’ though because people can reach them.” The island has a pier for boaters.





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