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Dolphin refuses to abandon dead calf (Italy)

Dolphin refuses to abandon dead calf

Dolphin refuses to abandon dead calf

July 23rd, 2015 (Kustnieuws). A video showing a dolphin trying to bring a dead calf back to life off the coast of Ostia, near Rome, has melted hearts in Italy.

In the clip, which was filmed two miles off the coast of Ostia by researchers for the dolphin charity Oceanomare Delphis, a dolphin is seen pushing a lifeless calf across the ocean, apparently unable to come to terms with its death. “In the absence of specific information we presume that the adult individual is the mother,” the researchers said. The researchers said that there was also another dolphin in the vicinity which appeared to be accompanying and supporting the pair. The video was taken following a tip-off by Duilio Francioli.

The charity has urged members of the public to alert them to any more dolphin sightings off the Roman coast. “We invite anyone to tell us about any beaching of the calf and to let us know about any dolphin sightings in Tor Paterno, Ostia, Fiumicino and Ladispoli,” the researchers said. The charity, which is currently working on the research project “Delfini Capitolini”, can be contacted via the website (link).



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