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Whale’s skeleton to be exhumed, showcased at Science Centre (Inde)

The sperm whale that was washed ashore on the beach on August 03, 2010.— Photo: T.Singaravelou

The sperm whale that was washed ashore on the beach on August 03, 2010.— Photo: T.Singaravelou

July 23rd, 2015 (R. Sivaraman). Nearly five years after a mammoth sperm whale was buried under the sands of coast, the authorities are now planning to exhume the remains and showcase the giant skeletal structure at the Puducherry Science Centre and Planetarium.

The huge sperm whale measuring 37 feet in length and weighing about 20 tonne was washed ashore on the Puducherry beach just opposite to the secretariat building. Then, a team of veterinary doctors and students conducted a post-mortem on the mammal and came to conclusion that most of its organs were damaged.

Personnel from the Departments of Forest and Wildlife and Fisheries dragged the giant animal to a place near Thengaithittu fishing harbour. As part of preservation measures, they buried the animal on coastal sands adding chemicals and salts.

On the initiative of officials from Puducherry Municipality and Science and Technology Department, a plan has been being chalked out to exhume the dead animal.

On Wednesday, the team of officials including M. Dwarakanath, Director, Department of Science,Technology and Environment, R.Chandirasekaran, Puducherry Municipality Commissioner and other officials visited the spot as preliminary exercise.They also explored the possibility of carrying out an exhumation.

Mr. Chandirasekaran told The Hindu , “We propose to form an interdepartmental committee on how to execute the task and after analysing various issues, we will exhume the dead animal and put the skeleton at planetarium for public display.”

‘Not fully decomposed’

“Even though five years have passed since it was buried on the sands, the carcass is still not fully decomposed,” said Veterinary Medical Officer K.Kumaran of Puducherry Municipality.




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