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Gruesome farie island whale hunt : was more massacre than hunt (Faroe islands, Denmark)

massacre-FeroeJuly 25th, 2015. Every year in the Faroe Islands, a territory of Denmark, long finned pilot whales as well as other species of dolphins including bottle-nosed dolphins and whales are driven into the bays and killed for their meat.

Known as grindadraps or grind, these whale hunts in the Faroe Islands, distribute meat from the slaughtered mammals to those involved in the hunts as well as to their communities, for free.  The tradition of these whale grinds, dates back to the pre-war days when the older people reminisce the days when there was chronic shortage and rationing of food.  They fear that if the grinds would cease then the skills for the hunt will also be lost.  They would then justify the grinds as tapping the natural resources to provide free food for their families and community.

The issue on animal welfare and conservation have been raised since the techniques used in the slaughter of the pilot whales are rather cruel and painful.  The pilot whale received its name due to the belief that the pod always follows a single leader which accounts for their tragic mass strandings.

Small motor boats drive out entire family groups of pilot whales into the shore.  Once they are stranded in shallow waters, hunters insert blunt ended metal hooks into their blow holes and drag them into the shores to be killed with a knife cut into their major blood vessels.

Health concerns have bothered authorities on the effects of eating pilot whale for food.  Well documented researches on the risks of eating pilot whale meat have been raised due to the high levels of toxic compounds found in it.  These large marine mammals are major collectors of man-made and naturally occurring toxic substances which are not only bad for the Faroese but for anyone who consumes it wherever they are.


Ed Sibylline : on July 23rd, 250 pilot whales have been slaughtered.



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