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Geophysical survey in Portsmouth harbour August 2015 (UK)

August 4th, 2015. LNTM No 69/15

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth, that from 10 August 2015 a geophysical survey will be undertaken involving bore hole sampling of the seabed by Volker Stevin at four locations within Portsmouth harbour and the Approaches.

2. The four locations that bore hole sampling will be conducted are :2.1 South of War Memorial (Southsea Common): Lat 50° 46’.66N, Lon 001° 05’.65W.

2.2 Nr Pile No.10 (Submerged Barrier): Lat 50° 45’.26N, Lon 001° 04’.08W.

2.3 Bombketch Lake: Lat 50° 49’.46N, Lon 001° 07’.66W.

2.4 Northwest of Pile No.57: Lat 50° 48’.94N, Lon 001° 07’.39W.

3. The works will be carried out by Baker Trayte Marine utilising their 40 metre pontoon barge “ASNE 900” with support from the tug “Forceful” outside the harbour and multicats “VOE 3” or “Uncle Bill” within the harbour, a safety boat will also be available at all times if required. Operations will be weather dependant but boring operations will be continuous throughout a 24 hour period. Appropriate COLREGS shapes/lights will be displayed while the vessel is conducting survey operations.

4. All mariners are requested to keep a good lookout and pass at slow speed while Bore sampling operations are being conducted. QHM Harbour Control will be kept informed and de-conflict with other marine traffic if the situation demands and can be contacted on 02392 723689 and Channel 11 if required.

5. Cancel this LNTM on 10 September 2015.



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