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Rare whale found on Victorian beach to be studied for Museum Victoria’s evolution research (Australia)

The pygmy right whale's skeleton will be added to Museum Victoria's collection for research.

The pygmy right whale’s skeleton will be added to Museum Victoria’s collection for research.

August 27th, 2015. A rare baleen whale found washed up on Victoria’s south-west coast will be donated to Museum Victoria for research.

The 2.6-metre, young pygmy right whale, weighing about 500 kilograms, was discovered on the front beach at Apollo Bay on Wednesday.

The specimen was transported from Apollo Bay, and researchers will examine the whale to determine its cause of death.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning senior biodiversity officer Mandy Watson said there were only five strandings of the species in Victoria on record.

“Pygmy right whales are rarely seen in the wild with their distribution in the Southern Hemisphere only between 30 and 52 degrees south,” Ms Watson said.

“The last stranding of this species in Victoria occurred in October last year at Sealer’s Cove Wilson’s Promontory.

“Prior to that we only have four on record, three of these at Portland.”

Museum Victoria will add the pygmy right whale skeleton to their collection for research on the evolution of whales.

Earlier this month, the carcass of an elusive Cuvier’s beaked whale was discovered on a beach at Discovery Bay in Portland, in south-west Victoria.





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