Posted by: The ocean update | September 2, 2015

Humpback whale rescued off Cape Cod (Massachusetts, USA)

rescue-whale-Cap-codSeptember 2nd, 2015. PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — A humpback whale was rescued last Saturday by the Marine Animal Entanglement Response team in Provincetown.

The team responded last Saturday afternoon to disentangle the humpback whale who was first discovered by fishermen. The whale was badly entangled with line through its mouth and rope around its tail. Officials say the whale had to swim with its pectoral flippers instead of its tail.

It took the team about three hours to set the whale free.

The Center’s Humpback Whale Studies program said the whale was born in 2014 to Perseid, a well-known humpback whale.

The response team has freed five other humpback whales so far this year and a minke whale. If you see any whales, sea-turtles and other marine animals entangled, report it to the Marine Animal Entanglement Response Hotline 1-800-900-3622.




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