Posted by: The ocean update | October 8, 2015

Exhausted Polar Bear Caught In Net Saved By Alaskan Inuit People

rescue-polar-bear-AlaskaOctober 8th, 2015. People of Alaska’s coast noticed someone struggling out in the water this week. A local guide had been taking people to see the bears in their natural environment on a barrier island and noticed the movement in the water.

Upon closer inspection, they saw it was a polar bear caught in fishing net, nearly drowning. Local Inupiat man jumped to help the flailing bear caught in the nets. “My mother, my father went out on their boat,” local woman Flora Rexford told FOX 4. The man whose net the polar bear was caught in, Rolan Warrior, joined them, Rexford said.

“They helped with rescuing the bear…. They brought it to shore, rolled it up onto the beach, had a hard time getting it on the beach, and then got the net free.” Rather than standing indifferently by, the fisherman worked hard and finally saved the life of the polar bear.

The relationship between bears and Inuit people of that region is a delicate balance between predators – and on this day – it was Inuit volunteers in small boats who saved the life of the great Nanuuq (Polar bear Kaktovik Inupiat name).

Flora Rexford says, “My mother and my father went on their boat, and then the guide, Rolan Warrior, the guy whose net it was, they went out with their boats. They helped with rescuing the bear because they darted it but it went into the ocean so if the boats weren’t there … they were critical in helping save it. They got it to the shore – rolled it up on the beach – had a hard time getting it up on the beach in the waves and they got the net free.”



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