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Update – Melon-headed pygmy whale rescued off of Singer Island (Florida, USA)

Electra-dolphin-FloridaOctober 9th, 2015. When rescuers from marine mammal research and rescue team in Tequesta arrived, they brought it to shore and confirmed that it was actually a melon-headed whale. The whale was very thin and in poor condition, and a decision was made to euthanize the animal. FWC staff transported it to Palm Beach Zoo where their veterinarian euthanized it, and the carcass was eventually brought to FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute for necropsy.

Ed Sibylline : it has been sacrificed without any other form of consideration, ie, without any previous veterinary exam. They found a plastic bag in his stomach but too late (at necropsy). Probably in shock, hypovolemic (dehydration) and supposedly septic (occlusion), an appropriate medical management could have give him a chance of survival, although tiny. Unfortunately, cetaceans are not considered as animals able to be cured in some countries.

The melon-headed whales are small members of the group of dolphins are found mainly in deep waters along the tropical areas of the world, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Via Kustnieuws

Via Kustnieuws



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