Posted by: The ocean update | October 12, 2015

Gulf Shores beached whale suffered severe infection, necropsy finds (Alabama, USA)

melon-headed-dolphin-beached-AlabamaOctober 12th, 2015 (Jeremy Gray). A melon-headed whale euthanized after it was found beached in Gulf Shores last week suffered a severe respiratory infection, according to the preliminary findings of a necropsy. (Ed Sibylline : the animal has been euthanized without any previous medical consultation ! Beached cetaceans are just considered like lucrative products… Just a shame from a developed country, when ocean biodiversity is agonizing !).

Researchers at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s Alabama Marine Mammal Stranding Network performed the necropsy to determine what caused the animal to strand.

“While final results are still pending, researchers found the small whale had a severe respiratory infection that likely affected the animal’s ability to breathe,” according to a statement released this morning.

The animal, actually a type of dolphin that normally found in deeper waters, was found stranded alive near the Surfside Shores condos in Gulf Shores.

It was struggling to breathe and stay upright in the surf. Biologists were aided by bystanders who stayed with the animal until responders arrived on scene.



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