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Oil exploration blasts kill fishes and marine fauna in Mexico (excerpts)

Discoverer 2 seismic vessel

Discoverer 2 seismic vessel

October 21st, 2015 (translated by Joyce B.). The bosses of the ships they were told by the crew of Star Tampico 22 they must be five miles away from the range of the Discoverer 2 and warned them that a fiberglass boat must stay about 10 miles away because vibrations detonations could cause damage to the hull of the ships of that type of construction.

Gabriel Herrera explained that the previous trip got 750 kilos of lobster and now passing the Discoverer 2 could only catch 350 kilos and in the case of the “Dolphin” in the past trip a month ago brought 4,000 kilos, now only he got 1,200 kilos.

The skippers believe that federal and state authorities should intervene in case of oil exploration as to seek oil are killing fish and destroying fishing.

Full Spanish version : Experimentos matan peces (México)



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