Posted by: The ocean update | November 17, 2015

Save the whales, don’t use pesticides (Washington state, USA)

November 17th, 2015 (Frank Jackson). The J pod orcas were visiting Point Robinson Friday. What an inspiring sight to see them and those little dorsal fins of the new ones. Finally, some baby orcas. Let’s hope these will survive and thrive.

As I stood there in the rain, I couldn’t help but think of the chemicals from our fertilizers, weed sprays and moss killers, slowly seeping from our island into the sound. A 2014 special report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Southern Resident killer whales, points to chemical contamination as a main threat to the whales and the food chain they rely on.

The whales come here for a reason : they need Chinook salmon, and our island has most of the last shoreline in King County that supports the fish.

So when you see your friends or neighbors out with their sprayers, take a moment to gently, respectfully talk with them. If you’re in the store, take a few extra minutes to find green products. We each can make a difference. For example, maybe we can mechanically remove our blackberries and skip the chemicals.

Another small action we can all take, when that ad for Roundup at a great price appears in your mailbox this spring, throw it directly into the recycle bin. Our actions matter. And it’s nip and tuck whether our grandkids will ever get the chance to be at Point Robinson watching the whales.




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