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Horrific pictures show 40 dead SHARKS hacked with knives on British beach

A walker was left horrified after finding about 40 dead sharks on a UK beach

A walker was left horrified after finding about 40 dead sharks on a UK beach

December 1st, 2015 (Anthony Bond). The corpses of the dogfish were found along a 200m stretch of Chesil Beach in Dorset

A walker was left horrified after he discovered 40 dead SHARKS lying along a British beach.

Nature lover Steve Trewhella said many of the dead dogfish – a small species of shark – had wounds where it appeared they had been viciously hacked with knives.

He found the dead animals – some more than 2ft long – on a 640ft (200m) stretch of the famous Chesil Beach beauty spot.

Steve, a conservationist and wildlife photographer, described it as a “disgrace” and has blamed anglers who had caught them and simply tossed them aside as unwanted.

He said it was not the first time he had found the small sharks lying dead on the beach between Weymouth and Portland, but not in such large numbers.

He said he had sometimes found “three or four together which didn’t indicate they had washed in from the sea”.

He says anglers are dumping them dead on the beach and although they are not breaking any laws, he thinks they should ‘act more responsibly’.

“You don’t walk along river banks and see piles of carp and pike piled up, but unfortunately you do on beaches” he said.

Weymouth angler Mark Mockridge said sometimes dogfish are caught and thrown back into the sea but they later wash ashore, dead.

He thought the fact that some of the small sharks had been found with apparent ‘cut’ wounds by Steve was ‘strange’.

“No angler should be doing that at all” said Mr Mockridge, manager of Weymouth Angling Centre.

“Some anglers don’t like to prepare them – you have to skin them, because their skins are like sandpaper, which can be very time-consuming.”

Richard Harrington, from the Marine Conservation Society, said the dogfish – ironically also called catsharks -are not a protected species (Ed Sibylline : it’s not a reason to destroy them !).




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