Posted by: The ocean update | December 1, 2015

Rare Cuvier’s beaked dolphin in beached in La Manga (Spain)

rare-cuviers-beaked-dolphin-in-beached-in-la-manga_2December 1st, 2015. The Cuvier’s beaked dolphin is particularly prone to decompression.

The Department of the Environment in the regional government of Murcia is attributing the death of a Cuvier’s beaked dolphin which appeared on the beach of La Manga last Friday to decompression, following a post mortem which was carried out at the wildlife recovery centre in El Valle. 

The young female dolphin belonging to the Ziphius Cavirostris species was 3.85 metres long and weighed approximately 700 kilos, and was found still alive close to the Residencial Atalayas in the municipality of San Javier. Attempts were made to manoeuvre her back into the water, but she was so disorientated that she returned to the shore, and although the biologists believe that they have identified the cause of death further confirmation is still being awaited.

Although this was a large animal, it was still nowhere the full size of an adult dolphin, which can reach 7 metres in length and 3 tons in weight.





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