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Angespült Two dead sperm whales in Wangerooge (Germany)

2-sperm-whales-GermanyJanuary 9th, 2016. The shallow waters of the Wadden Sea was almost certainly the death sentence for two sperm whales : On friday, the carcasses of the animals have been washed ashore on the island of Wangerooge.

On the island Wangerooge two dead sperm whales have been washed ashore. The bigger of the two males measures almost 13 meters, the lesser almost 12 meters.

Such a fund, it had not yet been provided to Wangerooge Island Mayor Dirk Lindner stated Friday the German Press Company. “On a single side of the Fund is very remarkable, on the other hand extremely sad.” The two whales have been apparently dead for some time. “They are quite haggard.” What takes place with the carcasses, is still unclear.

But how unusual is the Fund? “Each handful of years it seems to have that dead sperm whales are washed up,” mentioned Imke Zwoch the Wadden Sea National Park. Male sperm whales would choose winter down from the equator toward the Arctic Circle, exactly where the water is rich in nutrition. They followed the Gulf Stream. Presumably, the animals would have blurred and had taken a incorrect turn in between Scotland and Norway or from the English Channel, said Mayor Lindner. “If they are in shallow waters again, they have no opportunity. This is a death sentence. In shallow waters its localization does not function any longer. “

In accordance to the National Park Services, a sperm whale was washed ashore Baltrum 1994, which was subsequently towed to Norddeich, the place he was boned and prepared. This animal is now on display in Wilhelmshaven. In 1996, a 16 meter extended sperm whale dead on the island of Norderney was stranded. The thirty-ton colossus was sunk later on in a pit in the dunes of the island. Last on Juist a 9-meter-long dead dwarf or Minke 2012 was found on the beach.





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