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More humpback whales spotted off Cornwall (UK)

humpback-whale-Cornwall-UKJanuary 20th, 2016. More Humpback whales have been spotted off the Cornish Coast.

One of the amazing creatures was photographed in St Ives last week and others have been spotted at Padstow and Perranporth.

Steve Masters, who works for Dorset Wildlife Trust, reported a sighting on Sunday.

Pirate FM understands he was surfing at the West End of Perranporth Beach near Droskyn point when he spotted a dark tail with a wide tail fluke held up in the air on the horizon. He watched as it slowly descended into the water.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust says Humpback whales are the only species of whale in our waters that lift the tail before diving!

Steve also reported that 10 or more gannets were feeding in the area where he spotted the whale so the Trust says it is possible that there was a feeding frenzy going on.

Experts say Humpback whales feed on krill and small fish including herring, sardine and anchovies, all of which are species found in our waters at this time of year.

Posting on its Facebook page, Cornwall Wildlife Trust said: “We are all extremely jealous and urge the public to keep a look out, and to let us know if they have any sightings of large animals in our waters!

“Unfortunately Steve was unable to photograph his sighting but he did see a small plane circling in the area so he wonders if there are any other witnesses and if anyone got photographic proof.

“He also said that other surfers in the water were pointing out to sea so we would love to hear from other people who spotted the animal.”

Spotted a Humpback whale ? Log your sighting here.




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