Posted by: The ocean update | January 26, 2016

Rare sea lion mutilated by fishermen just to get its jaw and teeth (Russia)

Via Kustnieuws

Via Kustnieuws

HORRIFIC footage of a rare sea lion being mutilated by a fisherman is being investigated by the Russian police.

January 26th, 2016. An axle grinder was used to cut off the sea mammal’s jaws and teeth so they could be sold, it is being claimed.

Footage of incident aboard a fishing vessel in waters off Kamchatka in Russia’s Far East has been passed on by animal welfare campaigners to the authorities.

The Steller sea lion, which is classified as “near threatened” on the official Red List of endangered creatures, is believed to have caught in the fishing boat’s nets.

Although the sea lions are sometimes killed by fishermen because they seen as competitors for fish stocks, they are not regarded as being of any commercial wealth in recent years. Back in the 19th Century their whiskers were sold for a cent a piece as tobacco-pipe cleaners.

According to animal campaigners, the sea lion was mutilated for its teeth and jaws so they could be sold. Russian officials are expected to question the crew when the vessel returns to port.







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