Posted by: The ocean update | February 3, 2016

Dead whale washed ashore at Ganjam coast (India)

 The body of the sperm whale 

The body of the sperm whale

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 (Ronalisa Parida). The sight of dead body of a 35 feet long and 10 feet round sperm whale washed ashore shocked locals on Tuesday near Kantiagada village that comes under Ganjam block. The whale is suspected to have died five days back.

Informing about the body that washed ashore, Khalikote Forest Ranger, Dilip Kumar Martha, said, “We doubt that the whale died four or five days back. Initial investigations suggest that the whale died after being hit by a ship. The Odisha museum has also been informed about the whale if they ever want to preserve it. If they don’t, the whale will be buried near the coast.”




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