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Gray whale rescued in northwestern Mexico

Rescatan-ballena-varada-Laguna-MexicoFebruary 3rd, 2016. A young gray whale (Eschrictius robustus) that beached itself in the northwestern Mexican state of Baja California Sur was rescued by Profepa federal environmental protection agency personnel, officials said.

The whale was found at El Mariscal, a fishing camp on the Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Guerrero Negro, a community outside the city of Mulege, the federal environmental protection agency said in a statement.

The marine mammal was spotted during one of the routine inspections conducted by Profepa personnel during whale-watching season.

Profepa personnel and workers from the Exportadora de Sal company used a roll-and-tow technique to rescue the whale, which was examined, found to be in good condition and released back into the wild, the federal environmental protection agency said.

The young whale may have beached itself after being separated from its mother, getting disoriented or finding itself caught in the low tide, among other reasons, environmental officials said.

Mexico’s Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat lists gray whales as “subject to special protection.”

Gray whales swim south to the Baja California Peninsula and take shelter in the area’s temperate waters.

The El Vizcaino Whale Sanctuary and its two lagoons – Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio – were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Gray whales travel more than 10,000 kilometers (6,213 miles) at a rate of 145 kilometers (90 miles) per day, undertaking the longest migratory journey of any mammal.

Whale watching in the Pacific off Mexico draws large numbers of ecotourists to coastal resorts.





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