Posted by: The ocean update | February 27, 2016

Dead Whale Washes Up on Beach in Panama

ballena-PanamaFebruary 27th, 2016. PANAMA CITY – A humpback whale (Ed Sibylline : not a humpback but likely a Rudolphi’s whale (Balænoptera borealis) measuring 14 meters (46 feet) long was discovered “in an advanced state of decomposition” on Panama’s Pacific coast, officials told EFE.

Aida Gonzalez, regional director of the Panama Aquatic Resources Authority, or ARAP, said the whale was found on El Jobo beach (Ed Sibylline : El Estero beach) in Los Santos province, 300 kilometers (186 miles) west of the capital.

She said the whale died at sea and washed up on land.

Given the impossibility of moving the body, the whale’s remains are to be cremated on the beach, Gonzalez said.

ARAP is trying to determine the cause of death, though Gonzalez suggested that the creature may have become separated from its pod and gotten lost.

Panamanian waters “are an area of transit for whales, particularly the humpback species. Cold currents and strong trade winds in the Pacific are causing many whales to lose their way in the sea,” she said.




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