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Stranded whale towed ashore (Mexico)

ballena-Yucatan-MexicoFebruary 28th, 2016. Progreso, Yucatán — Apparently for the first time in Yucatán’s recorded history, the remains of a huge whale more than 13 meters long was found stranded along the coast.

At 10 this morning, the majestic creature’s carcass was towed away to be studied by UADY staff before being buried.

While this is the first such occurrence in memory, in recent weeks there have been several cases of stranded dolphins, a turtle, and a pygmy sperm whale.

Municipal authorities of Fisheries and Ecology are investigating.

Ed Sibylline : this whale has been identified as a fin whale but nothing is sure…

Regarding this region, they have registered several strandings of different species : cetaceans, sea turtles, etc… in a few weeks. We know that Pemex (Mexico’s state oil company) prospects a lot in this area since the end of January.

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