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Naval amphibious exercise off Browndown and Stokes Bay areas 11 to 13 April 2016 (UK)

HMS Bulwark in the Mediterranean Sea. Photo JJ Massey/MOD

HMS Bulwark in the Mediterranean Sea. Photo JJ Massey/MOD

April 10th, 2016. 1) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth that commencing Monday 10 April through Wednesday 13 April a Naval Amphibious Exercise involving two warships (HMS BULWARK and FS DIXMUDE (Ed Sibylline : “FS” for “french ship”)) and a Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) LYME BAY) will be taking place in the Browndown / Stokes Bay areas of the Central Solent.

2) The majority of the Amphibious Exercise will be conducted from the vessels at anchor in the vicinity of Stokes Bay and the beach at Browndown. The exercise will be conducted by both day and night and will include a number of Rotary Wing Aircraft, Landing Craft, Hovercraft and other small boats operating between the vessels at anchor and to or from the foreshore at Browndown. The firing of blank ammunition may take place for some of the exercises.

3) Mariners are reminded of the requirement to remain at least 50 metres clear of any Military Vessel at anchor as stipulated in the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005 and repeated in General Direction 2/15 (Keep Clear of Warships Alongside or at Anchor). For the duration of the exercise, this Exclusion Zone is extended to include all Landing Craft and associated Military Vessels transiting between the vessel at anchor and to or from the shoreline.

4) Extreme care is to be taken when approaching the Area of operations and QHM Harbour Control is to be informed of any immediate concerns.

5) For the duration of the amphibious exercise QHM Harbour Control will be kept informed of the area of operations and may be contacted on VHF Ch 11 or by telephoning 02392723689 for the latest information.

6) Cancel this LNTM on 15 April 2016.

Ed Sibylline : HMS Bulwark already involved in a mass stranding in Scotland, in 2008 and denied by Navy, definitely… (link)




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