Posted by: The ocean update | May 2, 2016

Beachgoers unable to save beached whale in Benalmadena (Andalusia, Spain)

May 2nd, 2016 (Matt Ford). An unfortunate whale met an untimely end on a Benalmadena beach this morning, despite the best efforts of surfers and other beachgoers to rescue it.

The animal, which measured more than three metres in length, was stranded close to the Hotel Triton, but even a dozen people were unable to successfully steer it into deeper water.

Beach security and the town council were alerted, and members of the Guardia Civil’s nature protection service SEPRONA were dispatched, but ultimately they were unable to save the stricken beast, which was removed after it died.

It appears to be a pilot whale.

It has emerged that staff from the Centre for Recuperation of Endangered Marine Species (CREMA) decided to euthanise the animal after arriving at the scene and finding it infested with parasites (Ed Sibylline : external parasites ?) and in a poor general condition.

Ed Sibylline : a few years ago, the staff of CREMA took care of the beached cetaceans, hospitalizing them and releasing them into the wild… But the vet changed, unfortunately and now, save money is more important than all !




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