Posted by: The ocean update | May 22, 2016

N.J. fisherman untangles whale netted off Ocean County (USA)

May 22nd, 2016 (Steve Strunsky). Brick – A fisherman out on the Atlantic off northern Ocean County on Saturday untangled a humpback whale that had been wrapped in a fishing net and rope, according to a published report.  

“I was out looking for some bass during the early morning and spotted a 40-foot humpback whale tangled in a large fish net with rope near the Manasquan Inlet,” the fisherman, Sal Gatto, was quoted as saying in an interview with

Gatto told the web site that he called the Coast Guard on Channel 16, then began cutting net and rope that the whale had been wrapped up in. At one point, Gatto said, he thought the huge ocean mammal had died, until it began spouting from its blow hole and then swam away.

Gatto said he was cheered by the Coast Guard crew.

“Very surreal to actually be alongside touching a creature of this size, with its huge eyes looking right at you,” Gatto recounted in an interview with JSHN.


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