Posted by: The ocean update | May 24, 2016

Another dead whale washes ashore Aquidneck island’s coastline (Rhode island, USA)

Photo by Jessica Pohl

Photo by Jessica Pohl

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 (Ryan Belmore). Visitors to Ocean Loop at Sachuest on Tuesday morning discovered a small dead whale had washed ashore.

This is the second whale to wash ashore on the coast of Aquidneck Island in the last two months, in April a dead humpback whale washed ashore Hazard’s Beach in Newport. There have also been reports of whales washing up on the shore of Long Island, Block Island and Cape Cod in recent weeks.

Folks on scene this morning at Sachuest believed the dead whale to be a small Minke Whale (Ed Sibylline : it’s one).



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