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Pregnant sea lion at Henry Doorly Zoo dies (Nebraska, USA)

Seal2-Omaha-zoo-USAMay 30th, 2016. OMAHA, Neb. —Some visitors at Henry Doorly Zoo witnessed an unsettling sight Saturday : Zookeepers had to shoot tranquilizer darts at a female sea lion after she began exhibiting some unusual behavior.

Later that day, the sea lion died, according to a statement from the zoo.

It turned out the sea lion tried was trying to claim another female sea lion’s pup as her own.

Zookeepers suspected she was pregnant, so they tranquilized her in order to get her inside, and away from the other sea lion’s pup.

After she was moved indoors, she died, according to the statement the zoo provided.

When staff members did a necropsy, they found she was indeed pregnant, but the unborn pup had died several days prior.

The zoo says it isn’t entirely clear why the sea lion died; more tests will take place in the following weeks to look for answers.

In the meantime, the pup that the seal was trying to claim as her own has been reunited with its mother, and is doing OK, the zoo said.

Here is the full statement the zoo provided :

“A sea lion pup was born on Thursday, May 26, 2016 at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. The pup was on exhibit with its mother and other adult sea lions. On Friday, when the pup was only one day old, a different larger female sea lion took the pup and treated it as its own. It was believed by Animal Care Staff that this female was pregnant.

On Saturday, the Animal Care Staff knew they needed to make a decision since the pup was not with its mother. Veterinarians and keepers moved the adult surrogate female indoors where she could give birth to her own pup. This would allow the two day old pup to return to its mother.

The larger female was moved indoors, but unfortunately died that day. During necropsy (an animal autopsy) it was discovered the unborn pup had died several days prior, which most likely explains why she had taken the pup. It is not certain at this time exactly why the female died although several factors probably contributed to the animal’s death. Additional tests will be carried out to gather more information over the next few weeks.

The pup born on Thursday has been reunited with its mother and is doing well.” 

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