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Save Amancay immediately (Argentina) !

Amancay agonizing in Rio Negro

Amancay agonizing in Rio Negro

June 30th, 2016. A southern right whale is agonizing for one week now. Nothing is performed, they observe her slow but sure death. It’s not the first time that Argentina is involved in cruelty towards marine biodiversity (selfie in Santa Teresita, slaughter of gulls instead of manage garbage generated by whale-watching turism, etc…). They agree to win thousands of dollars with marine animals but they don’t want to spend even one cent to save one in distress. Please, could you send them a message to rescue the whale, although it’s very late. You have an example of message below. You can write in your language too. Thanks.

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Example of email

Estimados señores, Le rogamos que actuen urgentemene ante la agonia de una ballena bautizada « Amancay » y que está varada en Viedma (zona de la Caleta de los Loros) desde el Sabado pasado. La hidratacion tiene que ser interna, tienen que protegerle la piel con cremas adecuadas, y abrigarla del sol que queme aún mas la piel de la ballena, hay que valorar y tener en cuenta el estado de choque de la ballena tambien. La crueldad que se produce en Argentina hacia los animales marinos es insostenible y debe terminar ya. Gracias anticipadas Atentamente

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Thanks to Carmen y others friends helping !

Update 07/01/2016 : after 6 days of agony, Amancay passed away. Please, send a message to the authorities to express your disagree. Take action for Amancay’s justice, don’t be passive before a such cruelty. Thanks.

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