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Beaked whale found dead in Basco, Batanes (Philippines)

Bfar PO Basco

Bfar PO Basco

July 18th, 2016. The carcass of a beaked whale was found on the shore in Basco, Batanes, the office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in the province has reported.

The beaked whale was found by some residents at around 8 a.m. on Friday, GMA News’ Unang Balita reported on Monday.

According to BFAR, the beaked whale sustained stabbed wounds in different parts of the body, mostly in the ventral region, or the abdomen area.

The bureau also noted that there is an estimated 20-25 kilograms of missing flesh in the dorsal area, or the back portion of the beaked whale.

The authorities tried to perform further examination on the carcass but was unable to do so because of the early decomposition of the dead beaked whale.

“We attempted to perform necropsy examination to collect samples, however, upon opening of the carcass, the internal organs of the animal is already in the early stage of decomposition. With this, it is already not advisable to collect such samples from the carcass for histopathological examination,” said BFAR Basco in its Facebook post.

The bureau ordered the burying of the whale carcass due to its foul smell that may pose danger to public health and safety.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lem Aragones of the Institute of Environmetal Sciences and Meteorology said, with Tadasu K. Yamada, in a Facebook comment, that the carcass is belongs to a Blainville’s beaked whale.

Bfar PO Basco

Bfar PO Basco

Bfar PO Basco

Bfar PO Basco




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