Posted by: The ocean update | August 27, 2016

Entangled whale rescue effort on hold (California, USA)

entangled-humpback-whale-CaliforniaAugust 27th, 2016 (Megan Abundis). The Santa Barbara rescue team hoping to help an entangled humpback whale spotted just off the coast of Morro Bay earlier this week is holding off on plans to intervene.

The group says it doesn’t have enough information on how the whale is entangled in order to attempt a rescue.

Group members say trying to rescue the whale without an informed plan could be more hazardous to the animal.

The team is analyzing photos and videos to figure out how to remove the suspected fishing line safely.

The whale does not seem to be struggling, team members say, but the entanglement could become a hazard if the whale begins to lose body mass or is not able to feed as well.

The team is still in the assembly stage and hoping to find more photos and videos of the whale. They are also hopeful the whale may shed the gear on its own.




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