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FWC investigating after two whales beach in Nassau County (Florida, USA)

two_pygmy-sperm-whales_Fernandina-beach-Florida2-USAAugust 28th, 2016 (Brittney Donovan). Officials are trying to find out why two whales beached in Nassau County on Sunday.

Despite their efforts, wildlife officials and beach goers were not able to save the two whales that beached in Fernandina Beach.

Video sent to Action News Jax shows lifeguards and others trying to help a whale at Beach Access 27.

Action News Jax learned a second whale beached itself further down the shore.

An FWC marine biologist said she believes the whales are mother and calf.

“When they come on shore something is not right something is going on they are sick or injured,” marine biologist Nadia Gordon said (Ed Sibylline : it’s why it’s important to have a specialized vet to intervene).

They were brought to shore for evaluations but nether survived.

She said there may be trash in their stomachs and abrasions were visible on the adult whale.

A full necropsy will be performed on each.


Ed Sibylline : apparently, those whales have been slaughtered, knowing nothing about the reason of the stranding ! And medias occult the truth.

Stranded No More comment : watch the video, they say the mom was given “the sedative” and died and while they say nothing about the baby, he most likely has been killed too. They are now being evasive in media reports, given public outcry, they are probably asked to not report flat out on euthanasia and say something like “whales did not make it” “they died” etc.




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