Posted by: The ocean update | September 8, 2016

14 pink dolphins found dead in the Amazon (Peru)

Photo : El Comercio

Photo : El Comercio

September 8th, 2016 (Noelina Rissman). Fishermen use nets and dynamite to kill this endangered species and commercialize their meat.

Authorities in Loreto have expressed their concerns after 14 pink dolphins washed up dead in the tributaries of Trapiche and Ucayali rivers, located in the province of Requena.

Fisherman are using nets and dynamite to kill the pink dolphins, an endangered species whose meat is commercialized in different towns of the Amazon. The meat is also used for fishing bait.

According to local testimonies, the offenders compete in fishing the pink dolphins using explosive materials.

Biologist Javier Velásquez, director of the Amazon Rescue Center, related the legend of the Bufeo Colorado as a possible cause for inhabitants to be afraid of these harmless animals.

“The legend says that the dolphin changes into a man and rapes the women of the villages,” Valásquez said. “It is for this reason that they hunt [the dolphins], including the inhabitants who kill the animals to commercialize their meat.”

Meanwhile, Loreto authorities have announced that they will be vigilant and conduct an awareness campaign for the population.




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