Posted by: The ocean update | January 11, 2017

SeaLand : shark products & whale products restriction (Florida, USA)

SL_primary_logo_CMYKJanuary 11th, 2016 (AJOT). In accordance to “CITES” (Convention of the International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and other regulations governing shipments of shark meat or whale, these products are restricted.

As per this policy, SeaLand will not be able to accept any shipments of Shark or Whale products.

Booking :

Bookings for Shark / Whale / Fish Fins and Shark / Whale products will not be processed.

Documentation :

Shipping instructions for Shark / Whale / Fish Fins will be rejected and a return shipment will be initiated/evaluated

Stuffing / Gate-in / Loading :

Shipments of Shark Fins/ Whale Fins will be cancelled and cargo should be de-stuffed and empty returned to carrier.

Gated-in / loaded containers with Shark Fins / Whale Fins or endangered species of Shark / Whale products will be brought back to origin to be returned to shipper.

This is an initiative to support CITES regulation to safeguard the endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora.



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