Posted by: The ocean update | January 12, 2017

Stranded whale had little hope of survival until a group of people came together to help (Indonesia)

loka-pspl-serang-logoJanuary 12th, 2017 (Aleksandra Pajda). An extraordinary group effort recently saved a stranded melon-headed whale at Cibungur Beach in Panimbang, Banten, Indonesia. The stranded animal was found in a location that was difficult to work with – shallow in depth and with great waves. But, thanks to the participation of a number of people who were concerned with the fate of the whale and more than eager to help, the animal was rescued and safely released.

It is so beautiful to see this group of people come together to save a marine animal in need. Unfortunately, there is little understanding of what causes whale strandings, but thankfully, there are kind organizations working to provide help for these animals. Whale Strandings Indonesia, the organization who shared this local rescue effort, is working to track incidents of marine mammal strandings and identify patterns and discern the cause of strandings to help rescue efforts.

If you ever come across a marine animal in distress, it is important to contact a professional for help. Some experts liken a stranding event to a car crash, so the animals require special help and evaluation during rescue.  For more information on marine animal rescues, click here.




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