Posted by: The ocean update | March 25, 2017

Whale carcass washed ashore near Corbière (Island of Jersey, UK)

The remains of a whale, which washed up on the south side of the causeway, have now been removed. Picture : ROB CURRIE

March 25th, 2017. The remains of a 50-foot-long whale have washed up near Corbière Lighthouse.

Experts believe that the highly decomposed carcass could be that of a sperm whale, which are found around the world including in the mid-Atlantic.

Marine biologists from the Société Jersiaise have removed bones and were also due to take teeth for sampling to establish the animal’s species.

Francis Binney, a member of the Société Jersiaise’s marine biology section, said that the creature had probably been dead for several months and was extremely pungent.

A spokeswoman for the Infrastructure Department confirmed that the animal’s remains were cleared from the beach on Thursday between 8 am and 11 am and were taken to the animal carcass incinerator at Howard Davis Farm.




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