Posted by: The ocean update | May 31, 2017

Mass pilot whale stranding in Sri Lanka after cyclone (Sri Lanka)

Navy spokesman Chaminda Walakuluge said sailors with the help of residents pushed the whales back to deeper waters after they washed up on the Sampur coast.

May 31st, 2017. Sri Lanka’s Eastern Sampur coast has seen pod of around 20 whales stranding themselves a day after a cyclonic storm lashed the island.

Pictures published by the Sri Lanka Navy and local media show what appears to be pilot whales beaching themselves repeatedly with sailors and other men trying to push them back to the sea.

Large pods of pilot whales have been sighted in the seas around Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is also one of the easiest places in the world to see blue whales.

Pilot whales are notorious for mass stranding, but the cause remains a mystery (Ed Sibylline : no mystery, just a lack study !).

Among explanations is bad weather, shallow waters or gently slanting beaches that confuse their echolocation organs, following a sick member of the pod to shore or damaged echolocation organs from naval sonar.




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